Why should we use Isopropyl alcohol for sanitization?Right now people are buying sanitizer's small bottles just reading the information written on it as the sanitizer contains the 70% of isopropyl alcohol but nobody has sureity of what they actually contain and that may affect your health very adversely & also buying small quantity again and again cost you very high as far as the money is concerned.what we are going to provide you 99.9% pure lab grade Authentic branded Isopropyl alchohol and enable you to fight with covid'19 virus by your own Authenticity and your own way if you want you use as hand sanitizer just dilute it with 30% water and use it.you could sanitize each corner of your cars, homes/offices, grocery products and most importantly we can sanitize now a days our lifeline called as mobile, laptops & other gadgets with zero harm if we use undiluted(only on non-living things)on gadgets.it will be very cost effective and genuine product as compare to other similar product available in the market.

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