Simultaneous Interpreting |Simultaneous Interpreting Services In Delhi

Simultaneous Interpreting

This is a hectic process that is commonly used for conferences and large meetings that need two or more languages. In such cases, the interpreter has to sit in a sound proof room and hear/see the language speaker.

He would then interpret and translate it into the choice of language. We also have the whispering version of this service, where the interpreter speaks very softly and slowly and we are also provide Consecutive Interpreting Services.

At Vibrantinformate, we provide a wide range of interpretation services to our clients. We have around 5000 native interpreters who provide the services in over 250 languages. Our services cover various fields of profession including medical, government, corporate and legal fields. We provide simultaneous, whispered and consecutive modes of service.

We are backed by a team of highly qualified and professional interpreters who have helped us to achieve this level of success on an international level. We have satisfied clients from all over the world. Our clientele list includes people from different geographical and professional domains. We have worked in various fields including tourism, mining, life sciences, real estate and more.We are committed towards getting your accurate interpretation done within the proposed time. A few of our services include